Idaho Rush Soccer Club

DREAM Club 2012 Selimovic MehmedI have been a part of Idaho Rush since the club was formed. I originally started playing for the Osprey soccer club when I started competitive soccer in my U11 year. When Osprey merged with other clubs to form Idaho Rush I stayed loyal to the club because I respected all of my teammates and coaches. The club helped me improve not just as a player, but as a person too. Rush has taught me how to accept defeat. They have also showed me what it takes to become a great player. I have had great coaches throughout my soccer career such as Jens Haustein, Lee Riley, Tony Colavecchia, Shaun Dunn, etc. I also would like to thank the assistant coaches I had at Rush such as Steve Garcia and Ian Davey. They helped make things easier for the head coaches and the team. Most of the coaching staff has experienced a high level of soccer. Some professionally and some collegiate. I have always taken their advice and worked to improve on anything they have mentioned. They helped improve my game as I progressed throughout my soccer career in Rush. I have accomplished so many things with my teammates throughout the years. My favorite achievement was winning State Cup three consecutive times. There have been many times where we made it to the finals and lost. For me these were still good achievements. I have had so many great memories with the teammates that I have had. I have been playing on the same team as my brother Admir since we both started playing soccer. He has made everything about soccer easier for me. He has always pushed me to strive for more in life. Thankfully we went to the same college and are still playing together. My parents, Sadan and Amira, have always supported me in life. They have given me everything in life. Without them I would not be the man I am today. My favorite part about playing was traveling throughout the US and playing some of the best teams in the nation. Sometimes we would even get the honor of playing teams from abroad. The other teams would give us no respect because we were from Idaho, but we would always put up a fight and most of the time beat them. We would always come into the game knowing that we had nothing to lose and that’s what gave us the will to succeed. After the game we would always feel great because we knew that gave it our all. We knew that we could play with the best. We didn’t even have to win to realize this. I learned that you need to accept your losses and improve from there. I thank all of the teammates I have had at Rush for the great memories. Rush also helped me find a college that was the right fit for me. I am currently attending Grand Canyon University and I couldn’t be happier about it. Rush helped me prepare for the challenge that college soccer has to offer. If I could give any advice to any of the younger players it would be to always strive to be the best. That means to work hard and stick to things you love. If you work hard because it will all pay off. I would like to thank everyone that has helped me in my Rush career.


Idaho Rush Soccer Club

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Monday – Thursday
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