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dream2011snyderRush soccer has taught me life lessons that I will never forget. It taught me not only the value of winning, but the value of losing. Losing the state final my last year with my team taught me I can never get content with where I am in soccer. I got content my senior year after I committed to Grand Canyon University, but after we lost the state final I learned that I have to train even harder than I have before to reach my goal of starting in college. I worked hard all summer to get the starting spot, but I didn’t get the starting spot which inspired me even more from my losing experience in state to train even harder to get that starting spot or even on the travel team the next year.

I have played with Rush and Osprey since I was U11 and when we merged to Idaho Rush I learned so much from my coach Tony Colavecchia the first year we became Rush that I can’t say enough thanks. From Tony to Manny to Shaun I have learned so much from every coach that I can’t show enough appreciation to these coaches for showing the Rush Way and developing me along the way.

I go to college with four of my Rush teammates and I couldn’t be happier to experience college with these boys. Because we went to the same college the transition form high school to college was made much easier, experiencing the time together and helping each other through it. My roommate, Stevie Garcia, has helped me push through rough times and reach levels that I never thought I would ever reach.

I love helping little kids learn the beautiful game and helping them developing and seeing them become superstars that they have the potential to become. The little superstars are the future of Rush so I am always dedicated to helping those kids reach their goals, which is either to play college soccer or to see them reach a different goal through soccer. Soccer provides an avenue for kids to succeed and after I succeeded I want to see as many kids as possible follow the same path I did to reach the goal of laying college soccer.

Rush has taught me to be respectful to everyone I meet and to openly express my talent for everyone to see. They are the reason I have ended up at one of the top Division II programs in the nation. They have taught me to be patient, to wait my chance to prove what I have to offer to the team. It has taught me to never give up on my dream to play or coach soccer for the rest of my life. That is why I have decided to pursue my degree in sports management with an emphasis in coaching. My goal is to ultimately coach an Idaho Rush team to a national championship and to put Idaho on map. We are a force to be reckoned with and we have the potential to win a national championship.


Idaho Rush Soccer Club

270 S. Orchard St, Boise, Idaho 83705

Monday – Thursday
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
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