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The girls started the tournment with a nail-biter win in the first game, scoring the only point with under 5 minutes left against Barcelona 98. It was a wonderful break away with an assist and score up the center. Rush dominated the game throughout with a few balls that went in the net but were called back for one reason or another.

Game 2 was very similar to Game 1 with a late score that put them up by one late in the game against the Lady Rattlers. Game 3 was a bit different in that Nevada Pride 98s scored first and early. This would be the only goal scored on the Nike girls in the whole tournament. Coming out of halftime with a new-found energy, the girls tied it up 1-1 with a nice left cross to center and a tap in. As a tie was all that was needed to play through to the championship, they played a great defensive game as they had throughout the first two games and kept the score tied at the end.

The championship game was scheduled for 3 p.m. on Sunday afternoon in 80-degree heat. The teams were very close at the beginning with both teams having control of the ball and United making some very clean crosses to center and a couple of narrow misses at the goal. It soon became obvious that it was going to be about who wanted it more.

Rush's passing began to wear United down and then the Nike girls stepped up hard with a beautiful cross from the left from Emily and a light tap in from Katie to open the scoring at 1-0. The second and final score came on a penalty kick from Emily. The defense really shined through the whole tournament keeping the teams outside and away from the box and giving the offense more opportunities up front.

-- Brian Shults
Volunteer team reporter
Idaho Rush girls U14 Nike 

G14 Comstock 2

In honor of the girls' win, coach Jeff Schatz
became an honorary member of the Blue Man Group!

G14 Comstock 1


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