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Each year, hundreds of volunteers give thousands of hours of their precious time to help young athletes realize the benefits of playing the greatest sport on earth. Every year, we recognize some of the stand-out volunteers who have gone above and beyond the high expectations we hold for our volunteers. This is not an honor we take lightly. Through their dedication, demeanor and positive approach to their players and the game, they are leading examples of the standard we hope all of our volunteers can achieve. On behalf of all of the children they have helped, CYSA and the Idaho Rush Soccer Club thank these volunteers for everything they do. Their time and passion is greatly appreciated by all who see tham at work.
2015 Volunteers of the Year
Blue Standard Award --Peter Wachtell
The Blue Standard Award is given to the coach or volunteer who best exemplifies the values, ethics and dedication to children all Rush coaches strive to achieve.


  • Idaho Rush Board Of Directors -2010-2015, Idaho Rush Board Of Directors - President 2011-2014, Idaho Rush Board Of Directors - Past President 2014-15

Years involved in youth soccer: 

  • 11 years.

Favorite part of working in Youth Soccer?:

  • Seeing kids learning to like working hard and watching as they learn to they learn to play with team members (1+1=3)

 Best moment of the past season: 

  • Watching as a very young referee quieted a belligerent parent while maintaining their own composure (demonstrating a reservoir of inner peace that I hope to achieve (some day) myself!)

Why you Volunteer:

  • Who wouldn’t volunteer? It is more fun than anything else that you could possibly do!


Peter W

Recreation Coach of the Year -- Pat McDaniel


  • Boys U7 Highlands & Asst Comp U11B

Years involved in youth soccer:

  • Have coached for 7 years. The rec coach for my daughter’s team had to step away from coaching due to personal reasons. With just a little soccer knowLedge, I stepped in to volunteer for the rest of the season. It was so fun and I became hooked. I have been coaching (and attempting to

    learn the intricacies of soccer) since then.

Your favorite part of working in youth soccer:

  • Always enjoy watching the kids have fun and learning to compete. As coaches, we do our best to try and help our players work hard to learn and develop new soccer skills. The most rewarding part of that process is when kids start to realize the connection between practice and preparation and how this impacts their performance. At that point, they are developing life skills not just soccer skills.

Best moment of the past season:

  • Watching the U12 Rush girls win the Idaho State Cup in a PK shootout against FC Nova. I became involved as an Idaho Rush coach when many of the girls from that team were in the rec league. So, to watch the girls compete and win at a very high level was a special moment for me, especially since I have watched some of the girls develop their soccer skills since they were young rec players.

Why you volunteer?: 

  • Initially, volunteering as a rec coach gave me an opportunity to do something fun with my own children. However, I soon realized how great it is to work with all the kids, not just my kids. Over the years, I have learned to appreciate the personal growth And development I achieved from coaching youth soccer and how valuable it is to helping me be more successful as a parent and in my professional life.


Pat M 

Select Coach of the Year -- Will Kemper


  • Girls U7 Shooting Stars.

Years coaching youth soccer: 

  • 5 years


Your favorite part of working in youth soccer: 

  • Creating a team. I’ve been fortunate enough to coach the same 5 boys since they started playing soccer almost 5 years ago, we added 3 more the next year and one more a year ago and haven’t lost a kid since the first season. It is beautiful to see the friendships and trust those boys have developed. I only hope I can keep my girls together long enough to accomplish something similar.

Best moment of the past season: 

  • Boys team, 4th game of last fall, we lost the game 7-3 against a team we were capable of beating, but for something over 5 minutes straight near the beginning of the game our team maintained possession and just passed the ball around and around. Once we got behind I couldn’t stop my team from panicking a little and losing track of the objective of the day, but for a little while they played with the trust of a true

Why you Volunteer: 

  • Of course, it starts out as just a chance to commit to being with my own kids and making sure they have a good experience playing the game I love, but pretty soon the goal of showing kids how to care enough o give it their all while remembering that winning or losing isn’t all that important in the long run.


Will K

Competitive Coach of the Year -- Josh Lane


  • Girls
    U12 Idaho Rush Blue

Years coaching: 

  • 10 Years

Your favorite part of working in soccer: 

  • Teaching the game of life through the game of soccer…and winning.

Best Moment this past season: 

  • Winning the Idaho State Cup

Why do you volunteer?: 

  • volunteer because we are all in this together.


Josh Laneolunteer because we are all in this togethe

Competitive Team Manager of the Year -- Jenni Kenley


  • Girls U17 Premier

Years involved in youth soccer:

  • 16 Years.

Favorite part of working in soccer:

  • Watching the kids grow and develop not only as players but as human beings. I love each of these kids like they were my own.

Best moment of the past season: 

  • When we found out we had recruited enough girls to have a U17 team.

Why you volunteer: 

  • I love the game of soccer and love all the kids involved. I would do anything for these kids and have enjoyed watching them bond and become like brothers and sisters to my own kids.


Jenni K




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