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dream2011selimovicRush has given me the opportunity to showcase my playing ability to coaches from all across the country. They have strived to bring out the best possible athlete and person out of me, and it’s because
of everyone on the Rush staff that I am now playing at Grand Canyon University.

During my time with Rush, I made finding a good university with an excellent soccer program my number one priority, but it was not until my final games with my Rush team that I realized the most important thing of all – building lifelong relationships with such caring people. Luckily, I got the opportunity to go to college with four of my good friends from Rush, and it has been nothing but a privilege to keep playing with them, to go to school with them, and to just have a complete college experience with them by my side.

However, the people that I have to thank, and who I deeply regret not thanking enough in the past, are my coaches. I remember when I was 12 years old, playing in my first competitive games with coach Bill Reimers. From first look, you could tell he was a person who was passionate about the game, passionate about learning everything there was to know about soccer, and most importantly, passionate about helping us become the best possible athletes we could become. Later on, when I moved up to U13, I played for longtime Osprey and Rush coach Bekim Mustafa. That season with coach Bekim was no different than any of my others with Osprey – fun, exciting, competitive, but most of all, educational.  My U14 season I spent with coach Lee Riley. This man is a person that exceeds expectations when it comes to being a coach. He’s devoted to his players, he’s communicative with the parents, and he provides a competitive, yet enjoyable, atmosphere for players. It’s no secret as to how he has earned his way to CEO of Idaho Rush. The beginning of my U15 career started with coach Tony Colavecchia, a person who I truly looked up to as a person and as a coach. I was truly blessed to have met a great guy like Tony. During the spring season and until my U16 season, I was coached by Manny Reynoso. Manny was a guy who had a heart like no other. He showed knowledge about the game, dedication for his job, and compassion toward his kids. Last, but definitely not least, I spent my final Rush seasons with coach Shaun Dunn. There are truly not enough good things to say about a guy like Shaun. He’s caring, knowledgeable, charismatic, funny, supportive – basically, he’s everything you look for in a coach. It’s because of these types of people that I mentioned that Idaho Rush will continue to become not only the best soccer program in the state but a nationally recognized soccer system.

I really want to thank everyone that has been a part of my Rush experience. I hope that I have touched your hearts in the same way that all the staff, players, and coaches have touched mine. I know that this club will forever be a part of me, and I was truly blessed to be a part of something as great as Idaho Rush soccer.


Idaho Rush Soccer Club

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