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Below are videos from the spring 2012 administrative meeting for coaches in the Recreation program. Most of your questions about how to run your Rec team will be answered in the videos below. If you still can't find the answers you're looking for, feel free to call the office (336-6512) or e-mail.

Part 1: A coach's guide to BonziTeam

Contains info about:

    • Logging in to TeamStream (since renamed BonziTeam).
    • Printing rosters and medical releases.
    • Communicating with your team through TeamStream.
    • (NOTE: Since the time this video was recorded in March 2012, there have been three changes made to TeamStrem: 1) You can now get to your TeamStreams when you log in to your Bonzi member account. You can still do it the way it's described in the video, but you can also get there by clicking the "Member Log-in" button; 2) The Announcements and e-mail tab in TeamStream has been redesigned so the text messaging function and e-mail function are two different things; 3) The question toward the end about replying to e-mail has been resolved: families can reply to e-mail sent by the coach in the normal way.)

Part 2: First steps for your Rec team

Contains info about:

    • Setting up an initial team practice and team meeting.
    • Choosing practice days, times and locations.
    • How often should we practice and for how long?

Part 3: General information for your Rec teams

Contains info about:

    • Medical release forms.
    • Weather cancellation policy.
    • Lightning policy.
    • Playing time and positions.

Part 4: Uniforms and equipment

Contains info about:

    • Game-day uniforms (jerseys, shoes, shin guards).
    • Training gear for players and teams (balls, pinnies, cones, etc.).
    • Ball sizes.
    • Safety issues.

Part 5: Modifications to the Laws of the Game

Contains info about:

    • Sustitution policy.
    • Numbers of players on the field, size of the field, length of the game, etc.
    • Pass-in vs. throw-ins.
    • Casts and splints.
    • Modifications sheet.

Part 6: Goalkeepers (for U10 and U12 teams only)

Contains info about:

    • Getting your goalkeeper (and defenders) involved in the play.  

Part 7: Special goalkick rules for U10 teams only

Part 8: Staying connected to the play

Part 9:  Dealing with blowouts

Part 10: Q&A with coaches in attendance

Contains info about:

    • Rescheduling rained out games.
    • Why do I have two games on one day?
    • Can assistant coaches also be referees?
    • Can older kids referee games in the younger age groups?
    • Are parents required to stay at practice?
    • Are there paid referees?
    • Your team and parents will mirror your behavior ... make sure it's good behavior.
    • Don't micromanage your players during the game (joystick coaching).
    • Substitution policy.
    • Loaning players between teams during a game.


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