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Mar, 2020

Emma Ojert, PA Rush ‘06 Player, as a Model of the Core Value of Empathy

Rush reached out to Pennsylvania Rush Technical Director Kristain Bates to see who at his club embodies the Core Value of Empathy. He connected us with Emma Ojert, an ‘06 PA Rush player. 

“She always volunteers, is great with younger players, and she shows the most Empathy on the team that I coach,” Kristian remarked. 

Emma is a player that believes this Core Value is essential to the game and exemplifies it in the way she treats her teammates

“I would say Empathy is treating others how you want to be treated,” Emma responded when asked how she would define Empathy. “I think it's important to have Empathy on the team because everyone works really hard and sometimes we can have off days.”  

“When someone has a bad day or a bad game I always try to tell them they are doing a good job and to keep up the hard work,” she continued. “I have been there where I feel like I am playing bad and a kind word from a teammate always makes me feel better. I always just try to be nice to everyone because I don't know what they are going through in life.” 

Lisa Ojert, Emma’s mother, believes that Empathy has always been one of Emma’s characteristics:

“She cares deeply for others and never wants to see anyone sad.  On the field, Emma will always be the first player to run over to a hurt player, even if the player is from the opposing team.  She will also console a player that is having a bad day because she knows she has been there herself. I think Emma has a keen ability to put herself in other people's shoes. She hates to see people that are sad or hurting.” 

Not only does Emma embody Empathy on the field with her teammates, but she also is intentional with the Core Value in volunteering.

“Off the field, Emma will always volunteer to help, whether it is cleaning up after practice or helping to train the little guys,” Lisa stated. 

Emma invests in the younger generation of soccer players and appreciates the love they have for the game:

“I help volunteer with the little kids during the indoor season or during the summer at soccer camps. I enjoy helping the smaller kids learn because the kids are always super eager to learn new skills and to just have fun.”

Empathy is the core of solid relationships. Rush is excited to see players like Emma strengthening their relationships with teammates and younger players with the Core Value of Empathy. Emma is a great representation of a player who cares for those around them and we encourage the Rush Family to be on the lookout for ways that we can be there for others. 

This marks the halfway point of the Empathy highlight series, check in during the coming weeks to hear more perspectives on the Core Value of Empathy and how it influences those here at Rush!


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