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$35 per player / 1 hour games / 5 weeks

Boys and Girls Club - 42nd Street, Garden City

TBA FOR 2020 





Rec / Select Futsal Only


$35 per player / 1 hour games / 5 weeks / 10 Games Total

Boys and Girls Club - 42nd Street, Garden City


TBA FOR 2020 



10 Reason to play Futsal

Rewards Futsal develops the same basic technique, skills, tactics and knowledge of the game as the 11v11 outdoor game.

Ball touches. In a statistical study comparing futsal to indoor arena soccer with walls, players touch the ball 210% more often which increases a player’s ball competency and football ability. ‘articles’ 

Ball control. The limited space and touchlines, improve ball control, technique and the tactics to cope with such pressure situations.  

Speed of play. Constant opponent pressure and a 4 second restart law means players play fast, thus developing fast intelligent players.

Support play. Without a wall or rebound boards to escape from in tight situations, players must support team mates who have the ball by creating space for themselves.

Continuity of play. Action is continuous and mentally and physically demanding, thus improving player concentration and fitness.

Knowledge. With four on-court players, plus a goalkeeper that can join in the play, all the components of 11v11 are included. 11 v11 when broken down is a series of 4v4 games. As the action is non-stop, players are able to develop an improved technical understanding of futsal very quickly.

Finishing. The goal and penalty area assist the goalkeeper in narrowing the angle, which means players must learn to shoot accurately and deceive the goalkeeper instead of just relying on power; the consequence of ‘off the walls football’ not allowing players into the penalty area.

Play well, play fair. The laws of the game of futsal, encourage skillfully play and punish physical contact.  Players cannot barge or slide.  The skillful player is protected.

Fun! Futsal is a fast-paced, fun, skill-oriented game that tests abilities, junior and senior; it’s a win win situation – have fun and improve fitness whilst becoming a better player.


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