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Idaho Rush is proud of the accomplishments of its players, even when they're not wearing the Rush jersey. 31 Idaho Rush players for 2023 have earned awards and honors for their efforts playing for their high school teams. On behalf of the entire Rush Staff we would like to congratulate the following players. Check back for updates as their are more to come.  

If you know of a player who is missing from this list please email [email protected]

2023 players

All-conference teamsDivisionSchoolHonor
Eneko Bereziartua4ABishop KellyCoach of the Year
Sophie Scmautz4ABishop KellyPlayer of the Year
Juliann Orchard 5ARocky Mountain Honorable Mention
Sophia Clark 5ABoise HighHonorable Mention
Maggie Poole 5AEagle HighHonorable Mention
Maizy Kluksdal5ABoise HighSecond Team 
Avery Singer 5ABoise HighHonorable Mention
Kunie Hirai5ABoise HighFirst Team 
Jaylene Womack5AKunaSecond Team
Sarah Colwell4ABishop Kelly Second Team
Taylor Deitzel4ABishop Kelly Honorable Mention
Kendal Neumeyer5AVallivueHonorable Mention
Ellie Lewis5ATimberlineFirst Team 
Isabelle Wright5ACentennialSecond Team 
Allan Huerta 4ABishop Kelly Player of the Year
Reese Hyer4AVallivueFirst  Team 
Landon Schweiger4ABishop Kelly First Team
Elijah Klass4ABishop Kelly First Team
Alan Martinez5ACaldwellSecond Team
Josh Taugher 4A Bishop Kelly  Second Team 
Eli Brockl 5A Boise Second Team 
Ethan Juarez 5A Eagle  Second Team 
Norah Prince  5A Boise Honorable Mention 
Daniel Hirai  5A Boise First Team  
Lucas Boockholdt  5A Eagle  Second Team 
Ben Colborn  5A Boise Honorable Mention  
Baraka Dayi 5A Boise First Team  
Davido Okito 5A MeridianFirst Team 
Rayle Juarez 5A Borah Second Team 
Jeremiah Moreno  5ATimberline  Second Team 
Nathan Lynch  5A Meridian  Second Team 
Christian Logan  5A Kuna  Second Team  

2022 Players

All-conference teamsDivisionSchoolHonor
Eneko Bereziartua 4A Bishop Kelly  Coach of the Year 
Sophie Scmautz4ABishop Kelly Player of the Year
Maggie Avey4ABishop Kelly Second Team
Laken Gallagher 5ATimberlineFirst Team 
Annie Liebich5ABoise High First Team
Maizy Kluksdal5ABoise High First Team
Sophie Hills5A Boise High  First Team  
Kunie Hirai5ABoise High Second Team
Jaylene Womack 5AKuna Second Team
Payton Oelkers 5AMountain View Second Team
Abbey Blancett5AOwyhee Second Team 
Sam Alis 5ACentennialSecond Team 
Ellie Lewis 5ATimberlineHonorable Mention
Ellie Otradosky 5ABoise Honorable Mention
Morgan Kearney 5ATimberlineHonorable Mention
Isabelle Wright 5ACentennial Honorable Mention
Katherine Sand5ABoise High Honorable Mention
Kylen Rush5ATimberlineHonorable Mention
Kaiya Pardue 5ACentennial Honorable Mention
Daniel Hirai 5ABoise High First Team
Davido Okito5AMeridian Second Team
Barani Mwibey5AKunaSecond Team
Qussai Kadro5ABoise HighSecond Team
Charlie Leeds5AMountain ViewSecond Team
Nathan Kudera 5AMountain ViewSecond Team
Maddox Dizdarevic5ARocky MountainSecond Team
Baraka Dayi5ABoise High Honorable Mention
Thamini Echasa5ABorah HighHonorable Mention
Lizandro Soto5ACapital High Honorable Mention
Mathis Spannuet5ATimberline Honorable Mention
Ethan Juarez5AEagle HighHonorable Mention
Eli Brockl5ABoise High Honorable Mention
Alan Huerta 4ABishop Kelly First Team
Elijah Klaas 4A Bishop Kelly  First Team 
Reese Hyer 4A Vallivue Second Team 
Landan Schweiger 4A Bishop Kelly  Honorable Mention 
Gabe Hyman 4A Bishop Kelly  Honorable Mention 

2021 Players

All-conference teamsDivisionSchoolHonor
Afton Rasco 5ATimberline HighFirst Team
Samantha Wind5AKuna HighFirst Team
Kunie Hirai 5ABoise HighSecond Team
Jaylene Womack5AKuna HighSecond Team
Emma Zelinsky5ABoise High Second Team
Sophie Hills5ABoise HighSecond Team 
Laken Gallagher5ATimberlineHonorable Mention
Payton Oelkers5AMountain ViewHonorable Mention 
Gabi Boice5ABoise HighHonorable Mention
Kaiya Farr5ABorah HighHonorable Mention
Kaiya Pardue5ACentennial HighHonorable Mention 
Grace Houser4ABishop Kelly First Team
Kennady Flint 4AColumbia HighFirst Team 
Sophie Schmautz4ABishop Kelly Second Team 
Dino Ibrulj5ABorah HighFirst Team 
Liam McLain5ABoise HighFirst Team 
Sylver Schweiger5ABorah High First Team 
Ghaith Al Saadi5ACapital HighSecond Team
Chris Torres5ACentennial HighSecond Team
Juan Saldana5ACapital HighSecond Team
Baruani Mwibey 5AKuna HighHonorable Mention 
Baraka Dayi 5ABoise High Honorable Mention 
Aydin Ege 5A Timberline High Honorable Mention 
Chase Kluksdal  5A Boise High  Honorable Mention 
Kenny Ponce 5A Kuna High Honorable Mention 
Hector Alvarez 5A Capital High  Honorable Mention 
Parker Gropp 5A Timberline High Honorable Mention 
Davido Okito  5A Meridian High  Second Team  
Clayton Waltun 4A Caldwell High Second Team  
Nick Caceres  4A Caldwell High Honorable Mention  
Quinn Coffey 4A Bishop Kelly  Honorable Mention  

2020 players

 All-conference teams DivisionSchool Honor 
 Kendra McDaniel  5A BoiseFirs Team 
Annie Liebich  5A Boise First Team 
Sam Wind 5A Kuna First Team 
 Madeline Bean 5A Timberline First Team 
 Helene Pereda5A Borah Second Team 
 Megan Gustafson5A Timberline Second Team 
 Afton Rasco5A Timberline Honorable Mention 
 Chloe Flynn5A Borah Honorable Mention 
 Sophia Hills5A Boise Honorable Mention 
 Bailey Blancett5A Eagle Honorable Mention 
 Kaiya Pardue5A Centennial Honorable Mention 
 Kaylee Fone4A Columbia  First Team 
 Peyton Dion 4A Columbia First Team 
 Goldie Mumford 4A Emmett First Team 
 Maggie Avey4A Bishop Kelly First Team 
 Yessenia Morales4A Columbia Honorable Mention 
 Anndrea Gutierrez4A Columbia  honorable Mention 
 Nick Liebich 5A Boise  Player of the Year 
 Justin Smith5A Timberline First Team 
 Carlos Comacgo5A Borah First Team 
 Zach Owen 5A Boise First Team 
 Chris Torres 5A Centennial First Team 
 Jai Solis 5A Centennial Second Team 
 Luke Palsulich 5A Borah Second Team 
 Dino Ibrulj5A Borah Honorable Mention 
 Kenny Ponce5A Kuna Honorable Mention 
 Ghaith Alsaadi 5A Capital Honorable Mention 
 Sam Wagner 5A Timberline  Honorable Mention 
 Chase Kluksdal5A Boise Honorable Mention 
 Soren Taylor5A  BorahHonorable Mention 
 Evan Schulte 5A Timberline Honorable Mention 
 Nic Taugher4A Bishop Kelly  First team 
 Gabe Clement 4A Bishop Kelly Second Team 
 Blake Waldmann4A Bishop Kelly Honorable Mention 
 Nick Caceres 4A Caldwell Honorable Mention 
 Misael F Quinonez5A  Skyview high 2nd Team  

2019 Players

All-conference teamsDivisionSchoolHonor
Mariah Albin5ABoise High School2nd Team
Kenzie Kluksdal 5ABoise High School 1st Team 
Helene Pereda 5ABorah High School 2nd Team
Audrey Hawes 5ABoise High School 2nd Team
Kendra McDaniel 5ABoise High School2nd Team
Justine Humphrey 5AMountain View High Honorable Mention
Chloe Flynn5ABorah High School Honorable Mention
Kody Epp 5AEagle High SchoolHonorable Mention
Cailey Mae Hodkins5ACentennial High SchoolHonorable Mention
Maeve Pierson5ATimberline High SchoolHonorable Mention
Chloe Bowes 5ATimberline High SchoolHonorable Mention
Peyton Dion 4AColumbia High SchoolPlayer of the Year
Goldie Mumford 4AEmmett High SchoolFirst Team 
Jordan Armstrong 4AKuna High School Second Team 
Kaylee Fone4AColumbia High SchoolHonorable mention
Yessi Morales 4AColumbia High SchoolHonorable Mention
Samantha Wind 4AKuna High SchoolHonorable Mention
Nick Liebich 5ABoise High School 1st Team 
Tyler Cramer 5ABorah High School1st Team 
Mason Slaughter 5ATimberline High School 1st Team
Thomas Ryden 5ABoise High School 1st Team
Eli Marler 5ABorah High School2nd Team
Evan Shulte 5ATimberline High School2nd Team
Carlos Camacho 5ABorah High School 2nd Team
Nathan Kudera 5AMountain View High Honorable Mention
Soren Taylor 5ABorah High School Honorable Mention
Matt Morando 5A Mountain View High school Honorable Mention
Jonny Camacho 5ASkyview High School Honorable Mention
Koyote Zimmerman5ACapital High School Honorable Mention
Jonah Johnson 5AMeridian High SchoolHonorable Mention
Ben Denton 5AEagle High School Honorable Mention

2018 Players

All-conference teamsDivisionSchoolHonor
Mariah Albin5ABoise High School1st Team
Maeve Pierson 5ATimberline High School2nd Team
Helene Paereda 5ABorah High School 2nd Team
Madeline Kraus 5ABorah High School  Honorable Mention 
Kendra McDaniel 5A Boise High SchoolHonorable Mention
Kaitlyn Cole5ABorah High School Honorable Mention 
McCall Bennion 5A Capital High School Honorable Mention
Maddie Bean5A Timberline High SchoolHonorable Mention 
Chloe Flynn 5ABorah High School Honorable Mention
Peyton Dion 4AColumbia High School1st Team 
Jordan Armstrong 4A Kuna High School  2nd Team
Sam Zimmer  5ABoise High School 1st Team
Tyler Kramer 5ABorah High School 1st Team
Julien Spanneut 5ATimberline High School2nd Team
Koyote Zimmerman 5A Capital High School 2nd Team
Marcello Iragi  5A Timberline High School 2nd Team
Carson Cadwell5ABoise High School 2nd Team
Zane Rasmussen 5AEagle High School 2nd Team
Jonathon Martinez 5A Meridian High SchoolHonorable Mention
Dominic Ishimwe 5A Borah High School Honorable Mention
Trent Lyons 5A Meridian High SchoolHonorable Mention
Assish Sarki 5A Capital High School Honorable Mention
Johnny Camacho 5ASkyview High School Honorable Mention
Ty Jensen 5AMeridian High SchoolHonorable Mention
Kyler Terashima  5A Mountain View High Honorable Mention
Soren Taylor 5A Borah High SchoolHonorable Mention
Asher Hansen 5A Centennial High SchoolHonorable Mention
Javi Bustamante  5A Skyview High School Honorable Mention
Kelton Webb5A Eagle High SchoolHonorable Mention
Saul Huerta 4A Bishop Kelly High 2nd Team
Seth Cram  4A Bishop Kelly High 2nd Team
Ryan Solis  4A Emmett High SchoolHonorable Mention
Danny Torres 4A Caldwell High SchoolHonorable Mention
Oscar Lara 4A Emmett High School Honorable Mention

2017 Players

All-conference teamsDivisionSchoolHonor
Peyton Dion 5AColumbia High SchoolHonorable Mention
Maeve Pierson 5ATimberline High SchoolHonorable Mention
Kenly VanOstrand5AMountain View High SchoolHonorable Mention
Grace Sherner5ACapital High School Honorable Mention
Bella Brickner 5ATimberline High School Honorable Mention
Justine Humphrey 5AMountain View High School 2nd Team
Asher Savin 5ABoise High School 1st Team
Johnny Martinez 5AMeridian High School 2nd Team
Trent Lyons5AMeridian High School Honorable Mention
Julien Spanneut 5A Meridian High School Honorable Mention
Zach Bryant 5ABorah High School Honorable Mention
Assish Sarki 5A Capital High School Honorable Mention
G. Perez 5A Kuna High School Honorable Mention
Zane Rassmussen5A Eagle High School Honorable Mention
Sam Zimmer 5A Boise High School Honorable Mention
Tyler Kramer 5A Borah High School Honorable Mention
Ty Jensen 5A Meridian High School honorable Mention
Hector Pena 4ARidgevue High School 1st Team
Lennyn Solis 4AEmmett High School 1st Team
Isaiah Luna 4ARidgevue High School 1st Team
Tom Bartlett4ABishop Kelly High School 2nd Team
Seth Cram 4A Bishop Kelly High School 2nd Team
Tom Ryden 4A Bishop Kelly High School Honorable Mention
Saul Huerta 4ABishop Kelly High School Honorable Mention
Koyote Zimmerman 4A Middleton High School Honorable Mention


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